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Jonah Dempcy (born 1983) is a musician and writer engaging with the thought of Jung, Hillman, Deleuze, and others. πŸ”—

🎡Jonah Dempcy (music), Revolution Void,

Silver Server (w/Jason Trefts), DRMSPKS (w/Taylor Ames)

Friend of The New Centre for Research & Practice. πŸ”—link

Attended Global Center for Advanced Studies. πŸ”—link


Essays on πŸ”—link


Revolution Void (founded 1998) is an electronic jazz solo project featuring guest artists such as Seamus Blake, Matthew Garrison, Lucas Pickford, Michael Shrieve and Cochemea Gastelum. πŸ”—link

Jonah Dempcy (music) is music released under own name; house, experimental electronic - πŸ”—link

Silver Server (founded 2011) is collaboration between Jonah Dempcy and Jason Trefts; electronic - πŸ”—link

DRMSPKS (founded 2013) is a collaboration between Jonah Dempcy and Taylor Ames; techno, minimal/experimental electronic - πŸ”—link

UltraCat (founded 2006) is a collaboration between Jonah Dempcy and Yuriko Miyamoto; house - πŸ”—link


2015 - DRMSPKS - CBT - link

Full length album of minimal electronic music.


Theory Canon

Zupančič, Žižek, Lacan, Kristeva, Cixous, Blanchot, Derrida, Serres, Laruelle, Kolozova